What are the necessary steps one should follow for weight loss?

Losing weight largely depends upon exercise and diet. Diet gets reduced to a high protein, little carb intake which does not make any difference in body structure, metabolic rate and other key factor among people. Five to six days of exercise a week for 40 minutes gets more importance than eating the proper food for losing weight. It is believed by everyone that the more one exercise the more that person loses weight. But reality is totally different. Exercise does not burn the calories as everyone expects rather it slows down the weight loss process. But right food supplement helps in the process of losing weight.

Why nutrition comes first than exercise?

Good nutrition and healthy food consumption is more important than exercise. New evidences recommend the right food helps to lose weight as much as 80 percent whereas exercise can contribute only 20 percent weight loss. Body can burn off calories naturally of their own through the metabolic rates. By simply changing the food habits one can lose weight and burn calories. Of course exercise has a role to play to keep the body conditioned but diet remains far important to help one losing weight.

Food habits that can help in losing weight

The food habits that one must follow to lose weight are as follow:

  • Have five to six meals a day – It is preferred to have five to six small meals a day rather than dumping three big meals on ones belly. The later will slow down the metabolic rate and will create problems in digestion
  • Go for macros – It is very important to have the food in a right proportion of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Refined foods and processed foods must be avoided especially junk and fried foods
  • Intake vegetables and fruits in abundance – Fruits and vegetables have low calories and provide nourishment to the body, keep the body satiated and help in fat loss. Please check out the website onthegofitnesspro for any questions

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