The 5 Best Ways to Remove Coffee Stains from your Teeth!

Coffee, along with drinks like tea, red wine, and certain foods are some of the biggest causes of stains on our teeth. And though these stains may not appear immediately after drinking or consuming these often-deliciousgoods, over time we will start to see our teeth yellow. This yellowing and staining of our teeth can affect our self-esteem, as our smiles act as a source of confidence, revealing an honest and transparent view of how we feel. But when our teeth are stained from the likes of coffee we start to shy away from smiling, which has a negative effect on our emotional state, R.D Lane et al; (2000).

So, let’s take a look at five ways we can prevent and remove coffee stains from our teeth and return our smiles to the gleaming confidence boosters we deserve.


  • Reduce our Coffee Intake


This is a pretty straightforward way of helping to prevent the staining of our teeth, as drinks like coffee, tea and red wine all act as staining agents, by simply reducing or stopping our consumption of such staining material we can prevent and reduce the staining of our teeth. But obviously this probably isn’t the easiest option to take, as that cup of coffee helps us get through the morning at the office or that glass of red lets us relax on a Friday night after a busy week, so what other ways can we prevent and remove those troublesome coffee stains?


  • Regular Brushing and Flossing


Ensuring you regularly brush and floss your teeth can help to prevent and remove stains from the surface of your teeth. Stains occur when staining particles from drinks like coffee, enter the pores in our teeth, therefore not only staining the surface but the very tissue of the tooth. Here whitening tooth pastes can work to help reduce the surface staining of your teeth and help prevent further staining by temporarily blocking the pores in our teeth so that no new staining particles can enter, but they don’t help remove the staining of the tooth tissue and for that, you’ll need a much deeper clean that only a visit to the dentist can provide.


  • Dental Hygienist


So, you might no be ready to go for a full tooth whitening visit yet, but your local dental hygienist, can offer you a number of services which will help to reduce and remove those tough coffee stains from your teeth. At Kiln Lane Dental in St. Helens they offer several dental hygiene treatments from their classic clean for £47 to their Something Special treatment for £134, these services provide a gentle clean right up to a stain removal blast using diamond polishing paste and air polisher equipment.


  • Home Whitening


Home whitening is a fantastic way to help remove coffee stains from your teeth and return your smile to that gleaming glow of confidence. You can buy over the counter solutions which can work, but it’s always recommended you get your home whitening kit from your dentist, as they will ensure your bleaching tray is tailor made to fit your teeth, meaning you’ll receive a much deeper clean as the bleaching agent can keep in closer contact with your teeth. This can be a really effective and convenient method of removing coffee stains from your teeth, allowing you to carry out your treatment from home, fitting easily into your busy schedule.


  • Professional Teeth Whitening


But no way of removing coffee stains is as deep cleaning and long-lasting as a professional tooth whitening treatment at your dentist. This is due to a number of reasons, firstly the experience and training of your dentist, ensures they can identify the most stained areas and work to remove the staining particles from both the surface and tooth tissue. Secondly, the strength of the bleach used at your dentist’s is much higher than can be used in any form of home whitening kits, as dentists use around a 35% hydrogen peroxide solution, compared to the 7 to 10% solution used in homekits. The other benefit that professional dental whitening has over any other form of solution is that the bleach stays in isolated contact with your teeth for a much longer period of time, ensuring a deeper whitening process.

So, there you five great ways that you can prevent and remove coffee stains from your teeth, and return your smile to the glowing white it once was, and if you’re based in the North West then, Kiln Lane Dental have years of experience, helping people feel calm and relaxed while visiting their dental practice for teeth whitening treatments as well as preparing at home whitening kits and hygiene treatments, why not book your appointment with them today!

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