How to Avoid Neglecting Your HVAC Unit

When it comes to the many things that go along with taking care of your home, it can be easy to forget about having to take care of your heating and air conditioning system. However, your HVAC system takes care of you and your family during the hottest days of the summer and the coolest days of the winter, so it’s important to do what you can to keep it in great shape. These are a few ways that you can avoid neglecting your HVAC unit, which can help you save on repair costs, make your unit last for many years longer and help prevent breakdowns at the worst possible moments.

Change Your Air Filters Often

The easiest part of taking care of your HVAC unit is to change your air filters often. Even though this is one of the easiest parts of taking care of your system, it can also be incredibly easy to forget, and many people fail to swap out their filters as they are supposed to. You can check out to find out more about the problems that can go along with not changing your filters regularly.

Have Your Unit Checked Out Regularly

Unless you have a lot of experience in taking care of HVAC units, there’s a chance that you might have a tough time finding any problems that might be going on with your unit. Therefore, you could be better off having an HVAC technician come out to your home twice a year to check out your heater and air conditioner. This will give him or her a chance to perform any routine and preventative maintenance that needs to be done. Plus, he or she can clean your unit and address any repair issues that could cause future problems with your unit.

Focus on Outdoor Cleaning

If you have an air conditioning unit that is located outside, it’s important not to neglect it. If you allow grass and weeds to grow up around your unit, you have to worry about them getting inside your unit and clogging it. Plus, even if this doesn’t happen, having a lot of growth around the unit can get in the way of air flowing as it’s supposed to. This is also a problem with leaves during the fall months.

When you’re working in your yard, take the time to remove any high grass or weeds from around your outside unit. Then, use a rake to get rid of leaves and any other debris. This can help you unit operate as it is supposed to, since it will allow air to pass through the unit freely and will help prevent lawn debris from getting stuck inside the unit and causing a clog.

As you can see, it’s relatively easy to take good care of your heating and air conditioning system. If you follow these tips, you can help ensure that you keep your unit in the best possible condition, which can help it last for many years with minimal issues.

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