How Media Coverage Aids Crowdfunding to Make an Impact

The crowdfunding industry, just like most of social media, is fueled by stories.

Stories move people, and people who are moved make donations. Indian crowdfunding platforms see tens of thousands of people hoping to create social impact every year. They tell tales, share incessantly on social media networks like Facebook and sit on the edge of their seats, waiting for the donations to pour in.

Everyone has a story to tell. Crowdfunding India platforms, regardless of their cause, are filled to the brim with exceptional stories. In this dog-eat-dog world where a billion people with a billion stories and causes are vying for attention on the media, do you stand a chance?

Yes, you do. There are several steps you can take to ensure that your story is one that’s heard, applauded and of course, funded! Here’s a case that prove us right:

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The 55-year-old mother who rode from Leh to Kanyakumari

Moksha Jaitley’s spirit is an enviable one. As a single mother, she longed to encourage all women, not only her own daughter, to be brave and get out of their comfort zones. It was with this intention that at 55, the motorcycle enthusiast picked up her helmet, strapped on her boots and set out to make a long solo journey on her Bullet – from Leh to Kanyakumari.

She didn’t limit her cause there. She went the extra mile and decided to raise funds to help educate 100 girl children from Nanhikali, an NGO that provides quality education to underprivileged girls. Moksha used her trip as a gimmick to promote her crowdfunding India campaign on Impact Guru. As a result, she raised Rs. 3.4 lakh in a matter of a few weeks, enough to fund a year’s education for over 120 girls! Your Story, India Today and a number of other media channels wrote about her and covered her cause, driving much traffic to her fundraiser!

How do you approach media channels to cover your cause?

Before you decide who to contact, understand your story enough to know what angle will be the most unique and attractive to the kind of media you’ll be approaching.

Think about timing. Is your cause event-based, seasonal or evergreen? If it is event-based, then short lead media channels like newspapers or social media may work best. If it is evergreen, perhaps a print magazine will be suitable.

Build a list of relevant media channels. Determine the value of each channel in terms of reaching your target audience. Consider the roles you’re reaching out to. Perhaps a staff writer or social media strategist would be more approachable and willing to listen than say, an editor-in-chief.

Make sure your stories are human. Instead of talking about a giant donation or a partnership, talk about who’s benefiting and how. People always want to hear about people, not numbers.

Invest time and resouces in visuals. Without visuals, nobody’s going to relate to your cause and knowing this, no media channel is going to talk about you. Create a bank of good pictures and shoot videos.

Choose one spokesperson from your NGO, someone who knows it inside and out. You need to maintain consistency when you establish your brand and only a person who’s well-versed with its workings can do this.

If you’re considering crowdfunding India to tell your powerful stories, you’re thinking right! Begin raising funds today.

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