Food Hygiene Ratings Can Be Dangerous


That’s the percentage of people who might have chosen your restaurant, pub or café for their dining experience if you had a better reputation.

You lost them by being implicated in a food hygiene issue. Unless there’s a change in management they won’t grace your premises. Actually, 42% said they’d never return.

A recent consumer report on the impact of poor hygiene levels found that ratings of 2,1 or 0 swerve over 60% of clients away from your premises. Only 9% would step in to an eatery with a poor food hygiene rating but they’d be careful about what they ordered.

This is an age in which social media rules. Customer X tells their friends and followers that they’ve had food poisoning thanks to your business and this message can be broadcast around the world with no way for you to halt its progress.

If word of mouth criticism reaches an average of 10 listeners who may pass it on, then technology with access to millions can potentially annihilate you.

If your establishment claims to provide an excellent experience, wonderful food and relaxation in attractive and hygienic premises then you’re holding the proverbial sword of Damocles over your head if you run a food related business without effective food safety controls in place.

Why invite trouble in to your establishment? Do you truly want to be prosecuted, suffer a tarnished reputation and potentially wave goodbye to every positive dream that you had at the opening of your restaurant, pub, coffee shop or sandwich bar?

No? Then you must improve the food hygiene standards in food preparation areas and throughout the premises, ensure that personal hygiene is maximised and that cross contamination is diminished.

Enrol yourself and your staff on food hygiene training courses without delay.

Courses are available at basic through to management levels with specialist hygiene training firms like Food Alert. The time spent studying and the course fees will be undeniably well spent.

Education, re-education in some cases, and applying food safety best practices are better business improvement tools than a fine from the authorities.

You may also be interested in HACCP training which stands for Hazards Analysis Critical Control Points, it is a preventative food safety management system which is UK and EU regulations compliant.

A food safety course will give staff a full understanding of their responsibilities and how they can help to achieve an excellent food hygiene rating.

Did you know that in the US a survey found that 1 in 6 mobile phones in a food preparation area were found to be carrying faecal matter and that a high percentage of food related illnesses are personal hygiene based? That could be the result in the UK too.

Did you also know that employee A doesn’t use soap and employee B ties their shoelaces without washing their hands before returning to food preparation?

Their actions could have far reaching consequences.

Obtain food hygiene training so when your next customer and food hygiene inspector arrives you can approach them with confidence.

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