Five Natural Teeth Whitening Methods

Are your teeth stained but feel hesitant to use the common in-office method? Well, there is no need to worry because you can use the natural methods to get white teeth. The only issue about the natural method is that they take longer to deliver the results you want.

Top five natural teeth whitening methods

(i) Use Apple cedar vinegar: This can be great whitening toothpaste. The paste helps to clear stains from tea and coffee to leave you with shiny white teeth. It will require between 1-2 months getting the results you want. You also need to take a lot of care because high acid levels can damage the gum.

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(ii) Using mashed strawberries: This method was popularized by Actress Zeta Jone. The mild acid content in strawberries will eat away the food remains, and clear stains from soft drinks such as coffee. To use the method, you need to mash about 5 strawberries and rub the mixture on the teeth. Then remove the mixture after a few minutes and rinse the mouth well.

(iii) Activated Charcoal: The activated charcoal is used to absorb toxins ingested into the body. In the same way, the charcoal can be used to remove stains from the surface of the teeth. Though the process might make the teeth to look black during cleaning, the results can be very satisfactory.

(iv) Change the toothbrush regularly: After using the toothbrush for about 3 months, the bristles start bending and become highly ineffective. They also harbor bacteria and can introduce them to the teeth. By replacing the toothbrush every three months, you get a new toothbrush that can clear all the dirt to keep the teeth clean and fresh.

(v) Brush the teeth regularly: Teeth stains are caused by food materials, colored beverages, and bacteria that attach especially after meals. If you form a habit of brushing the teeth after every meal, these bacteria and staining agents will not have time to color the teeth. Where possible, it is strongly advisable to brush the teeth three times every day.

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