Deca and Sustanon together give dramatic results

It is said that numbers provide strength than any individual. This happens to be true in the case of steroid usage by body builders and sports people. Normally a single steroid is effective in some phases. However, if they add a second steroid with a different property, it more than doubles their strength and the results are manifold. In the present case, Sustanon is one kind of testosterone cocktail with 4 esters and Deca is a Nandrolone compound. When taken combined, their power and benefits complement each other and results from good to the best.

Steroid Stacks

Body builders typically use steroids in cycles and stacks. Stacking means combining different steroids, sometimes to increase the potency of the drugs or sometimes to counteract ill effects by one drug. A cycle is a period in which a drug is taken for a certain benefit and discontinued so that the drug wears off. Stacking is essential due to the fact a particular drug may produce side effects and in order to compensate this, another drug is used. Stacking Deca and Sustanon together gives amanifold increase in results.

Deca and Sustanon Stack

It is a combination of testosterone propionate (30mg), testosterone isocaproate(60mg), testosterone phenylpropionate(60mg), testosterone decanoate(100 mg), all testosterone esters. The advantage of having different esters is in their half-life. In a drug, thehalf-life is defined as the effectiveness of the drug in the body. Since the different esters all have different half-lives, they stay in the body for a long time with nonlinear testosterone levels. Testosterone is an Androgenic Anabolic Steroid and as such apart from exerting muscle growth and metabolism, it can also induce great produce some nasty side effects. These include what is often described as Estrogenic effects. In order to counteract this effect, bodybuilders often resort to another steroid called Nandrolone.

The commercial name for nandrolone is Deca-Durabolin or simply Deca. This is also an Androgenic Anabolic steroid but exhibits more of the anabolic qualities than the androgenic properties. This increases the muscle growth, strength and protein synthesis in the user. The combined effect of the drugs is that while Deca gives instant strength and energy boost, Sustanon prolongs the effect for a long time. And this is what stacking is all about.

Safety in Stacking

Any kind of drug will give side effects and steroids are no exception. Sustanon and Dec both have different side effects when taken individually. However, when taken together, their side effects are reduced resulting in fewer side effects. The dosage of the drugs should not exceed a maximum of 600mg per week and not more than 12 weeks for experienced bodybuilders. Newcomers should be very careful while starting with steroids and they start with small dosages for fewer periods to assess how the body reacts to the drug. Based on this, they can start increasing their dosage.  Deca and Sustanon together may give dramatic results but care should be taken not to overdose or abuse them in the long term. Then it would be difficult to manage the side effects and it would be better if one consults a physician and use the drugs under their supervision.

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