Cosmetic and General Dentistry – General and Cosmetic Dentist

The first thing most people notice is your smile. Some general and cosmetic doctors provide help and treatments to improve the appearance of teeth, smile, and gums.    

There isn’t a single reason to hide your smile because smile makes you a charming person. A cosmetic dentist Dr. Kate Brayman’s teeth whitening services in New York City is well known and her zoom process delivers a successful and remarkable whitening in a single 45 minutes’ session. She provides her long-lasting and remarkable services under a professional environment that no one feels fear of results like they would get irritation in their gums after having a treatment.   

Difference between a Cosmetic and General Dentist

A variety of dental fields exist from which two popular professional fields in the industry are a general and cosmetic dentist. The general doctor is a skilled expert in providing basic and premium preventive measures to those who have cavity issues. While people who are concerned about their teeth appearance whether they are inclined or curvy have to make an appointment with a cosmetic dentist. A cosmetic doctor is a skilled professional who used the latest technology to make the teeth look whiter, brighter and more natural in appearance.      

General and Cosmetic Dentist Performance

Cosmetic doctor gets the same basic training as a general doctor get but cosmetic doctor gains some additional knowledge by ding specialization in the respective interesting field. While going to the cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening treatment then he makes sure the teeth cleanliness first. Cosmetic treatments can’t be applied over decayed and repaired teeth. He/she will take x-rays first before applying any other techniques. Cosmetic doctors can perform

Dental Porcelain veneers — for repairing large chips and cracks and reshaping the teeth
Teeth whitening – to brighten a faded or discolored smile
Tooth Bonding – to repair small chips or cracks in teeth
Tooth Crowns and bridges – replace large amounts of lost tooth structure or make replacement in place of mission teeth
Dental Implants – provide longest and forever tooth replacement that is available in the market today  

While general doctors have knowledge of the broad range and diagnose patients of all ages. They usually do checkups and suggest whitening toothpaste, conducting regular patient checkups, diagnose any ailments, providing advice to people on staying healthy and what factors or food can make them healthy, recommend resins and mouthwashes to give a good feel to breaths and prescribed medications. For more information please check

Salary and Working hours

General doctor’s job is a little bit easy as compared to a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentist profession is highly paid than a general dentist.  A general dentist is a dental care provider. How good they are or have made good experience during their professional career. A cosmetic dentist must first complete his/her school and then must have done Doctor of Dental surgery (D.D.S) or a Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.D.M). after that 2 years’ minimum professional experience is required. According to the BLS in 2015 the median salary range for the cosmetic dentist was $171,000. Their salaries usually depend upon the location of office and experience, specialization and hours they have worked.  

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