Benefits of collagen for human body

You might be using lotions and creams that have collagen but do you know exactly what collagen is? Do you know how much it is beneficial for your body? Actually collagen is the most essential protein in human body. It is responsible for holding up the whole body together. It gives strength and shape to your body organs. It also helps in rebuilding and replacement of dead skin cells. Collagen also provides elasticity to your skin. Lack of collagen can be very dangerous. When there is lack of collagen in your body, you may have to face problems like weakening of cartilages in joints, hair fall, sagging skin and lines and wrinkles on the skin. Collagen supplements are used to cure all these problems.

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Collagen production in human body naturally begins to reduce with increase in your age. Other factors that slow down the collagen production are smoking, direct sun exposure and having diet that is high in sugar. Best hydrolyzed collagen supplements are now used by most of the people to maintain the appropriate level of collagen in body.

Nutrition facts

Collagen consists of amino acids like glutamine, arginine, proline and glycine. During normal circumstances, these amino acids are produced by human body. However, if you are sick, unhealthy or under stress, your body is unable to produce sufficient amino acids by its own. Therefore, in such cases you have to depend on outside sources like supplements or diet for getting these essential amino acids.


Collagen plays an important role in keeping you healthy and fit. Some benefits of collagen are listed below-

  • Joints- Lack of collagen makes body muscles and joint weak. Therefore, if there is lack of collagen in your body you should have diet and supplements that provide collagen to your body. Collagen is used as medicine for curing osteoarthritis and many other joint problems.
  • Hair and skin- Collagen production starts declining with increase in age that is why old people usually have saggy skin and wrinkles. Moreover, lack of collagen also causes hair fall. Increase in the level of collagen can help you to provide beautiful, smooth and renewed skin. Along with it, collagen also helps to keep your teeth and nails strong.
  • Provides energy- Increase in collagen level can boost up your metabolism and energy level. It is helpful in muscle development also. Glycine present in collagen helps to increase the body’s energy level by pumping the sugar into body tissues.

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